Revolutionary Skin Therapy

How We Got Started

Founded in Florida in 1998


    Follicare Research was founded in 1998 by a biomedical engineer for the purpose of developing and marketing a solution for the control of pseudofolliculitis barbae, commonly known as razor bumps.  This led to the creation of the Company's first product: Follique.

Expanding to Meet Demand


    Operations expanded in 2003 when the the Company was sold to its current owners, and the Company's product offerings were expanded to include:

  • Follique Sensitive Skin™
  • Follique Serum™ Roll On
  • Follique Shave Cream™ and
  • Follique Body Lotion™


    In 2004, and in response to significant demand from male customers, particularly those serving in the Military, Follicare Research expanded again to add the Shave-Aid™ line of products, which included: Shave-Aid Shave Cream, Shave-Aid Ingrown Hair Fighter, and Shave-Aid After Shave Moisturizer. The U.S. military has strict shaving guidelines, and pseudofolliculitis barbe is such a common problem that the military has published guidelines for dealing with it.